Make savings simple

Fight impulse expenses and see your savings grow with you

Does saving money stress you out?

End up spending money on stuff you don't need to realize you were not able to save?

Do credit card bills and EMIs stress you out? 


Have you felt rich at the start of the month but had to borrow money as soon as the month-end rolled around?


Your income and lifestyle are improving but savings seem to be stuck in the past? :)

Savings are super but somehow life always gets in the way. Be it that crashed laptop you had to replace or the trip with friends that they guilted you into or some expense at home.  Saving money is always a hard task. Something always comes up!

You are not alone. With spending becoming easier and earning becoming that much harder, saving money is now a full-time task!

But, what if this was completely automated. Even better what if you saved money every time you spent and someone reminded you to manage your spending.

Make savings easier. Grow every time money comes into your bank account, instead of just settling dues.





Download the Monafa App and analyze your potential savings


Choose your most preferred way to save

Sit back and relax.

Watch the age-old saying of "Drop drop filleth the ocean" work it's magic.



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What Members Say

I love the concept. I always have so much trouble saving. No matter how hard I try. 

There is always something that comes up and secret stash runs dry again.

Arpita, Mumbai


Yes, I want to join the Monafa community and super-charge my savings.

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