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[GUIDE]: How to calculate my staking rewards on Polygon?

Polygon is a Delegated Proof of Stake chain. In simple words, you delegate/lock up your Polygon (MATIC) tokens with any one of the 100 validators on Polygon. They run the chain/ mine and delegators get a larger portion of the rewards they earn in Polygon (MATIC) terms.

P.S: If you choose to delegate with any one of the validators, consider us at Girnaar Nodes. We are one of the top-performing validators offering really low to nil commissions. Find out more about us at the end of this post.

Now back to the rewards calculation.


On average, you earn between 9–10% annual rewards (as on the date of writing this post) for staking directly on Polygon.

You can check the live rate here.

These rewards are earned in Polygon (MATIC) token terms. Now, there are certain platforms such as Nexo that offer higher returns, say up to 18% currently but there are downsides too. Check out the complete analysis of whether you should stake directly on-chain or through platforms such as Nexo:

If you stake on Polygon, how much rewards you will earn depends on the following parameters:

Staking time frame

The longer you stake, the more you earn. This is a given.

Amount you stake

Validator performance

Validator commission

Network stake



In Summary

Here is how you calculate your staking rewards,

  1. Enter your stake amount and time frame.

  2. Adjust the slider to your mid to long-term assumption of staked supply to circulating supply.

  3. Take the APR output shown by the calculator in the image above

  4. Go to and input the APR thrown up the Polygon calculator and the restaking (compounding) frequency.

  5. The output is your expected return in Polygon (MATIC) token terms.

One more thing to be mindful of is Ethereum network fees. Every time you stake/ restake/ unstake, Ethereum charges you network fees. Factor that into your calculations during these actions.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. The projected return is as per the Polygon network, its dynamic and will change the basis factors described above.


Girnaar Nodes

Final pitch. If you are convinced about staking directly on Polygon, consider Girnaar Nodes as your validator.

Girnaar Nodes is an Indian-origin VALIDATOR on POLYGON with top performance and currently offering 0% commission. Stake your MATIC tokens with us directly on the Polygon blockchain. See your Polygon (MATIC) bags grow while we work on the tech under the hood.

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